bethany and ethan // husband and wife team // love intensely. - Rose Colored Glasses Photography


we are bethany and ethan. together we are the burts. we are all about loving intensely and living intentionally.

we are a husband and wife wedding photography team, and through our job we get to meet so many different kinds of people to love! to hear their stories, lives, hopes and dreams is a blessing that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

documenting weddings and being a part of one of the most memorable days in people’s lives is a passion that we get to share together.

based out of danville, il with a great love for travel.

& when we say we love to travel, we really mean it. really awesome people sometimes live far away. it’s a delight to travel to you!

whether it’s next door or five hundred miles away, we’ll go wherever we need to go to find all the awesome people. and become your friends. and be adopted by your family members. because that happens, and our hearts are full from it. and our family is forever growing.

ethan likes craft beer and cold brew coffee. bethany likes moscow mules and piping hot beverages.

ethan loves surprising bethany with date days. bethany really enjoys ethan’s surprise date days.

bethany is the creative. ethan is the data oriented softy.

ethan is a minimalist. sometimes ethan dresses like a homeless man. bethany loves all the floral clothes. sometimes she looks like she’s ninety years old.

bethany only likes lowercase letters. ethan is annoyed by this.

gilmore girls, the office, lord of the rings, harry potter and star wars are some of the things that entertain us throughout our busy season.

we have a cat named cat. she is our little fluffy creature and we love her probably too much. we love the people of God and having everything rooted in Jesus.

community and fellowship is everything to us.

we’re pretty mad for each other so working together was a no brainer.


our clients really find us. we believe God puts exactly the couples we’re supposed to work with right in our path.

we find that these hearts so deeply connect with our own and it is cheesy and gushy and wonderful. coffee dates, beer runs, pizza and sometimes even tears happen as we plan wedding days with our couples.

we are with you from the proposal all the way until forever. because then we remember your anniversary and pray for your marriage and also come visit you and sleepover. we seriously meet the best people on the planet.

as we obey God’s calling to do this job, He maps out our lives and we get to enjoy travel and new souls. oh yeah, and the wedding photographs that make our couples happy and will last a lifetime.


we got married on a hot june afternoon in a little white chapel on a hill.

marriage has been our main focus ever since.

being husband and wife is our passion. wedding photography fits seamlessly within that passion.

our couples are about to become husband and wife. and although we’re not too far ahead of them, we have joyfully lived over five years of this married bliss. we know the wedding day is so exciting and the photos make us giddy every.single.time. but we are more excited about the married life you are entering into. we are now married friends and get to do life together. the good and the bad.

we know and live what marriage can be. we want others to enjoy the same. we are determined to have a God honoring and joy filled marriage.

love intensely is our business motto. because it is our life motto. we are just intense people. we only believe in loving people with an unreasonable love because that is the love we have been shown.